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  • Computerized optimization for best yields.
  • CNC controlled creating excellent precision and repeatability.
  • High-speed saw carriage capable of processing a lot of material quickly.
  • Postforming and soft-forming cut capabilities.
  • Automatic Rear-loading and manual front loading machines. 


Maximum book (stack) height150mm

Maximum part length5600mm

Saw carriage speed1-150m per minute


Panels are automatically loaded from the rear using integrated lifting tables.  Programs are generated in the office and sent out to the CNC controlled saws with book cut heights over 5" and saw speeds traveling at speeds over 400 feet per minute.  Rip cuts are made quickly and accurately. 

The ripped panels lenghts are against the cross cut fences.  Immediately the panel grabbers draw the panel stacks back and repeat the cutting process.  Within seconds, precisely cut, incredibly consistent parts are ready to be further processed in our facility or shipped cut-to-size.