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Straight Line Edgebanding


  • High-quality edgebanding through fully CNC machines.
  • High-speed feed rates.
  • Thin PVC, 3mm, and solid wood stock up to 22mm.
  • Barcode automatic set-up.


Standard part thickness 10mm - 60mm

Minimum part length145mm 

Minimum part width 95mm 

Coil thickness .05mm - 3mm 

Max solid wood thickness 22mm 

Max working speed 30m per minute 


As parts feed into the edgebander, they immediately pass through a milling station that squares up the panel and removes any small imperfections from the edge.  The multi-coil edgebanding magazine increases change over speed enabling different types of edgebandings to be applied quickly and efficiently.

As parts enter the gluing station they are preheated on the edge to allow the hot melt adhesive to bite better through the pressure station.  Parts move through the cutting stations where the edgebanding is flush-trimmed on the ends and top and bottom.  Profiles can also be added - even on the outside corners - as the parts go through additional trimming and outside corner rounding stations.

Finally, the parts pass through the finishing unit where the excess glue is scraped off and edges are buffed.  All this is happening as parts are moving through the machine at 30m per minute.