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Contour Edgebanding


  • CNC controlled creating excellent precision and repeatability.
  • 360-degree edgbanding capability.
  • Operates in either two 1450mm x 1350mm zones or one 1525mm x 4000mm zone. 
  • Same machine drills (horizontal and vertical), grooves, routs, saws, and edgebands.


Minimum outside radius 1mm20mm

Minimum outside radium 3mm25mm

Minimum part "full feature"600mm round, 250mm x 500mm rectangle  

Maximum part "full feature" 1525 x 4000mm 

Maximum part thickness 40mm


Cut-to-size blanks are placed on the vacuum pods and the main spindle routs the curved work surface.  Using the multi tool carrier, additional tooling can be utilized for drilling or machining; like grommet holes.

After the part has been shaped, the edgebanding head advances and applies edgebanding using hot melt adhesive.  The edgebanding is measured and cut to an exact length to allow the ability to create tight butt joints where required.  On parts that the edgebanding stops and starts on an edge (like the one here), a cut off saw aggregate is utilized to trim the edgebanding flush to the edge.

Complex aggregates capable of flush cutting and profiling the top and bottom simultaneously are picked up at the tool changer and travel around the part finishing the top and bottom edges at the same time.  The same aggregate goes around the part a second time engaged as a scraper to remove any excess glue.

Our contour edgebander is also very efficient at machining complex machined parts.  This cabinet bulkhead part is drilled, machined, and edgebanded to our customers specifications.  The cut off saw can be used to not only cut off excess edgebanding on the edges, but can also be used to create square inside corners for transition tops and toe kicks.  Horizontal drilling can also be done using the horizontal drilling aggregate.