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Quality Laminated Parts On Time

While delivering high quality laminated parts on time has always been important at Laminate Works, we have recently started to identify what we do as more than a slogan. At the beginning of this year, we began measuring our performance based on quality and on time deliveries and sharing the information within the company. The key to improving is being held accountable.

The QOT metric is two parts equally weighted – quality and on time. The two ratios are averaged to generate a daily QOT score which shows the whole LW team how we are living up to the promises we make our customers. Kansas City Operations Manager Jason Aldrich states, “We promise parts made to their specifications will be shipped on the day they are confirmed.”

But we are not just tracking our own QOT score. Since we are responsible for how we perform when materials arrive damaged, flawed, or late, we have also started measuring our vendors’ performance based on the same metrics. This allows us to watch for issues and find solutions that often still allow us to ship on time.

It has been exciting for the LW team to come through and deliver on our promises. The metric highlights what we do well while also showing us what we need to continue to improve on. In fact, customers have started to notice a difference. “Focus improves what customers see,” said Jason Richenberger National Sales Manager. The measurement has made a significant improvement on what they see and we are looking forward to continue to improve.

Friday, 03 March 2017 14:38