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Employee Volunteer Program

by: Seth Novero

“We are LW” is more than just a saying we have, it’s a belief we practice. And this practice isn’t just seen in how we work together as a company when serving our customers. It’s also seen in how we serve together now as a company when giving back to our communities.

The new Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) was recently created to nurture this heart of service that we believe exists in all of our employees. The main purpose of the EVP is to tap into this desire and help our employees find joy and fulfillment through service while also serving our community and supporting each other as a company. Our projects are unique in that they are not created by Laminate Works for employees to sign up for. Rather, they are projects our employees are already serving in that Laminate Works as a company comes alongside of and supports.

As our company’s President, Bert Clothier, said, “This is their program, not Laminate Works.” And it’s through this program that Laminate Works supports those who are serving while also enlightening and encouraging those not serving by providing a variety of opportunities for them to participate in -- opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have known about or may never have considered participating in by themselves.

We’re simply creating an awareness that we can all use our everyday, ordinary lives to serve others. So technically, in terms of service, we at LW are not doing anything different. We’re just intentionally doing things together, because that’s who we are.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 17:40