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Our Mission

To use our everyday, ordinary lives to serve others.

Our Vision

To be the premier producer of laminated panels and component parts in every market we serve.

Our Values

These are our guiding principles, governing the way we conduct business, and interact with each other and our customers.

Extra Effort Is Our Standard Procedure

Achieving excellence is not an easy task. It requires going above and beyond in everything we do.

Do What’s Right, Even When No One Is Looking

While it might seem like a quick way to accomplish your goals, in the end, cutting corners and looking for an easy way out will get you nowhere.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well

Focusing our efforts where they really matter and doing a quality job—that’s how we make a difference.

Treat Everyone How We Want to Be Treated

The Golden Rule should go without saying, but we can’t say it enough. It’s the foundation on which all of our values are built.


Bert Clothier

Founder and President

Troy Ponto

VP of Operations

Greg Kivett

Vice President of Sales

David Stetler

VP of New Markets

David Stetler

Travis McElhany

VP of Marketing

Jack Clothier

VP of Finance

Sales Team

Todd VanTil

National Accounts Manager

Bob Graden

Regional Sales Manager

Bob Graden – Sales Team member

Jeff Lewman

Inside Sales Manager

Jeff Lewman – Sales Team member