High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

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Very durable, strong plastic laminate manufactured by applying pressure and heat to decorative surface papers combined with melamine resin. The finished bonded sheets are available in a wide selection of designs, colors, finishes and sizes and can be used for both vertical and horizontal application.

The three most common types are:

  • Vertical grade, which is used primarily in vertical applications, on surfaces that don’t require as much impact resistance.
  • Postform grade, or horizontal grade, used in horizontal applications requiring higher impact resistance.
  • General purpose, or standard, grade which is most frequently used for high impact applications, both vertical and horizontal.


Solid Color Core

A specialty HPL product created to eliminate the brown line at the edges of HPL sheets, giving the laminate a seamless, solid color core.


Specialty laminate featuring unique, premium patterns and finishes designed to enhance any interior space.

Fingerprint Resistant

A smooth, matte laminate surface designed to resist smudges caused by fingerprints.


A durable HPL surface designed to be written on.


Similar to markerboard, it’s a specialty laminate that offers a durable chalkboard writing surface.

Chemical Resistant

HPL designed specifically for applications where surfaces are exposed to harsh chemicals.


HPL that has been treated to meet fire codes across various industry standards.


HPL solution designed to be extra durable for high-impact applications.

Wood Veneer

Specialty laminate product that offers a less expensive alternative to solid wood, while maintaining the flexibility of HPL.


A decorative laminate product that gives any surface texture and shine with its metal design.